80.000  tonnes of grains per year. We transform and pack 15 million packs/year 200 products that we supply to the food industry 60 different types of products that we pack for the retail market 44 High-quality raw materials origin Genuine choices are made from the outset. Therefore, we have taken time to guarantee a real Italian supply chain of our corn products tradition Our roots and the rediscovery of flavours, focusing on contemporary tastes and nutritional trends respect We respect the rhythms of nature thanks to cutting-edge cold storage systems. We do not use chemical substances in our supply chains in order to guarantee top-quality grains culture The Italian nature of our cuisine, our most valuable “Made in Italy” resource, spreads a culture of flavours and wellbeing Research and development Our productions Our gluten-free raw Materials are used in: Quality control and certifications Our laboratory works in synergy with accredited external laboratories to provide maximum guarantee and safety for all production processes 2,600 raw materials received every year. We validate our products according to 27 parameters. The BRC Standard (Technical Standard and Protocol for Companies Supplying Retailer Branded Food Products) is a model recognised in the UK. It is now rapidly spreading throughout other European countries. The IFS Standard (International Food Standard) is the equivalent of the BRC for Central European countries (Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany) CERTIFICATION OF THE SHORT SUPPLY CHAIN FOR GENERAL PRODUCTS Purpose of certification: to provide information about receipt processes and about the stages of processing, grinding and/or precooking, mixing, packaging and storage of different crop species CERTIFICATION OF PRODUCTS DERIVED FROM NON-GMO CORN Purpose of certification: to certify that a product does not contain and is not derived from GMO corn CERTIFICATION OF PRODUCTS DERIVED FROM NON-GMO SOYA Purpose of certification: to certify that a product does not contain and is not derived from GMO soya ORGANIC CERTIFICATION 834 Purpose of certification: to certify that a product and “Organic” production complies with the European organic method and standard KOSHER CERTIFICATION Purpose of certification: to certify that a product for use in preparations for the Kosher market Corn flours YELLOW COR MEAL  0,5 KG INSTANT WHITE CORN FLOUR 0,5 KG WHITE CORN MEAL 0,5 KG INSTANT TARAGNA CORN FLOUR  0,375 KG INSTANT WHITE CORN FLOUR 0,5 KG YELLOW COR MEAL 0,5 KG WHITE CORN MEAL 0,5 KG INSTANT YELLOW CORN FLOUR  0,5 KG Soft wheat flours “0” e “00” “00” 0,5 KG “0”  1 KG “00” 1 KG Special wheat flours “00” PIZZA 1 KG - 25 KG “00” CAKES  1 KG “00” PASTA 1 KG WHOLE WHEAT 1 KG MONITOBA  1 KG HARD DURUM WHEAT FLOUR 1 KG Special bio flours ORGANIC RICE FLOUR 0,5 KG ORGANIC KAMUR FLOUR 0,5 KG - 1 KG ORGANIC SPELT FLOUR 0,5 KG WHEAT FLOUR TYPE “0” 1 KG EThnic QUINOA BIO From organic agriculture 0,5 KG COUSCOUS Durum wheat semolina 0,5 KG BULGUR Durum wheat semolina 0,5 KG
Gluten free line contacts Please contact us for further information  and estimates and we will be appy to assist you:  Favero Antonio srl Via Gramogne, 60 - 35127 Padova - Italy   Tel. +39 049 644855 Fax +39 049 8791373 E-mail: info@molinofavero.com The large number of prestigious certifications obtained guarantee the entire production cycle Gluten Free ISO 22005 DNV-GL CERTIFICATION ST PC AGRO 7 DNV-GL CERTIFICATION The company has obtained the decree of the establishment for the production of gluten-free products ISO 9001 - Bureau Veritas Certification PRODUCT CERTIFICATION - Bureau Veritas Certification Company validated and recognized by the Association ASSOBIRRA KOSHER PARVE Our products
Our values Corn flours - 100% italian Chain

Since 1925 we have been milling corn and grain,

today we are a highly innovative production facilty processing raw, pre-cooked, pre gelatizied  flour mixes,

and semifinished flours for the food industry

using high quality corn and rice from

irst milling to packaging.

A company made of people that believe in challenges

and always looking to improve itself

through research choosing only top quality cereals, maintaining  a strict attention to quality through international certifications and quality control of the raw materials throughout the calendar year.

Our company has become leader

in the development of pregelatinized gluten free mixes

for the pasta industry and is also able,

thanks to the new automated mixing technologies,

to prepare perfectly calibrated and balanced mixes

not only of corn and rice but other cereals such as quinoa, amaranth, chia, teff.... all rigorously gluten free.  

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